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Q:Do I need socks?

A:Yes! Socks are mandatory. If you forget or drop by for open bounce without them, we do have some of all sizes available at the counter for sale. We prefer you bring a clean pair to use. We struggle to make sure our inflatables are clean and that helps us make this possible.

Q: How much does it cost for a child to bounce?

A: Admission is $10 for up to 2 hours of Open Bounce. The ages that applies to are 1 - 17. Under 1 is free with a paying sibling. Adults are welcome to join at no charge with their kids. Socks are mandatory in all of our inflatables We have them at the front counter for $2 if you find yourself without. We prefer that you bring clean socks if at all possible.

Q:Why does it cost more for a party at the #bouncefarm?

A:While at first it may appear that our parties cost more, we have no hidden deposit fees and your pizza and cupcakes are included. The cost you see on our website is the total cost for the party unless you choose to add gift bags or additional food items.

Q:What does my deposit cover?

A: Your $75 deposit reserves your birthday party date and time immediately. The money for your deposit is taken off the total due at the time of the party. This deposit is non-refundable after 14 days prior to the party date. However, if notice is given 7 - 14 days prior to the date of the party it can be applied to a future party or monthly open bounce pass. Any time after 7 days the deposit is forfeited.

Q: Are Tips included for staff during parties?

A: Tips are only included on parties with 25 or more kids.  Our staff works very hard to provide you with the best birthday party experience and Tips are welcome on all parties!

Q: How soon before my party starts can I bring in my food and decorations?

A: You will not be admitted to our facility any sooner than 5 minutes before your party starts. We try to make sure each party gets a clean bounce area which sometimes requires attention at the end of the previous party. Due to the nature of our schedule, the area to be decorated may not be available at the start of your party. Your party is private, however, we do stack our parties on a rotation and while you will have the bounce area all to yourself, the party previous to yours will be using the dining area. When your bounce time is up, we will ring a bell, ask that the participants put on their shoes and take their personal items to the dining area so the next party can occupy the bounce area while you have the dining area to yourself. All you have to do is bring in your fruit/veggie platter and drinks or whatever you have arranged with our staff, put it in the directed location and we will do the decorating for you. We want you to be a part of the event, not working in the background. Ask the staff at the time of your confirmation call if you have questions about this.

Q: What is the latest I can reserve a party?

A: We will not take any reservations after Wednesday previous to the nearest weekend after 2:00 pm for those time slots. We are averaging 4 weeks out on reservations so if you want a particular time slot or date, it is best to do so as early as possible. We will book up to a year in advance if you know what date you need.

Q:What if I don't want food with my party reservation?

A:You can choose not to include the pizza or cupcakes with your party however it will not change the cost of your party.

Q:Can I bring outside food?

A:This will only happen with a private party reservation. Junior Parties are not allowed the outside food option. You may bring a fruit and/or a veggie platter and juice boxes, bottled water, or sparkling water for the party at no additional outside food cost. We also have extra pizza, wings, cupcakes and 4" or 6" personal cakes made to order that you can add to your party. These options are on our "Add More" tab below the "Our Parties" link at the top of the page. Any other outside food or cake will be charged a minimum cleaning fee of $75. There are NO SODA or ENERGY DRINKS allowed in our facility. There are no exceptions to the outside food or soda rules.

Q: Is a salad included in the veggie platter you may bring to a party without additional outside food cost?

A: No. Salad would be considered an outside food and incur the minimum $75 outside food fee.

Q: How soon can our guests enter the eating area during a private party?

A: Entry to the eating area commences when we ring the school bell at the end of your 1:15 hours of bouncing. Staff will be busy cleaning and decorating and getting your tables set for you and your guests. We ask that you help us and remind everyone that this area is not available until such a time. We "stack" our time slots and the bounce and dining areas are private to your party. However, there may be another party in the dining or bounce area as your party is bouncing or eating. Rest rooms are the only shared areas during the parties.

Q:Are you open every weekend for open bounce?

A:We are open on the first and third Sunday from 10 - 2 for open bounce. The first Sunday we celebrate Dad with a 15% discount on open bounce for each child accompanied by Dad or Gramps. Regular price for open bounce is $10 for 2 hours. We will not be open for regular open bounce on Saturday. The only exception to that is for a special event.

Q: What if my child is sick?

A: Please don't come to the facility. No child needs to be exerting the energy necessary to have a good time jumping while sick. And no other parents will appreciate the exposure you will extend to others here.

Q:Do you cater to special dietary needs?

A:Upon special request, we have gluten free or no sugar added/vegan cupcakes. When your bouncefarmer calls you to confirm your reservation, please let them know if you have these concerns.

Q:Are my toddlers going to be trampled in your inflatables?

A:NO WAY! We have a special area set aside for your crawlers! Your little ones will have a jumpy all their own in a conveniently located area where you can still keep watch over your bigger kids. Our soft play Lily Pond is a big hit with them as well. Please remember our TOTT Time Wednesday (10 - 12) each week for discounted price of $7.50 for your 4 years and under child. We have a plethora of tykes playing and bouncing all over our little farm. If yours is a social being, it's the place to be on Wednesday Mornings!

Q:Is anyone going to help us with our party?

A:Yes! Our bouncefarmer's are specially trained to insure your kids are safe and having a blast while jumping. They will continue with your party into the eating area where they will help entertain, serve and pick up.

Q:Do you have helium balloons?

A:No, we have things like cowboy hats and stuffed farm animals that will give you greater value for your money.

Q:Do you give a discount for siblings?

A:The best bang for your buck is our Open Bounce Punch Card. You will receive 10 open bounce sessions for $85. That is a 15% discount. Or maybe a five punch pass card for $45 - a 10% saving! These cards are available at the front counter or in our online store. You can bring in one child per punch, one time for five to ten children or how ever you want to use this. You can even buy a card, give it to your mom or nanny, and let her bring in your child. No other offers are to be combined with this card and the redemption value is only in Open Bounce entrance, no merchandise or credit may be exchanged for this card.





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